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4 Digital literacy essentials to help you stay safe online

Using the internet safely is a skill that you need to start developing to navigate through the opportunities and information offered online. These tips will help you avoid scams, maintain your privacy, and connect with the right people and find credible content online. – Written by Kele Scheppers.

1. Think critically about the information you’re viewing
Not all online content is valid or accurate, and little details about the source of the article, image, or video you are consuming could help you avoid misinforming your online communities. Look out for cues such as the URL that appears when you click on a link, spelling or errors in the content and the number of ads that appear on the page. These can help signify if the information is not credible. Learn more tips on Digify Africa’s WhatsApp bot Kitso to help you make sure the content you are viewing is valid.

2. Be careful what information you share online
Maintaining your online privacy will help you avoid falling victim to scams. You can check the privacy of your account and for each post that you publish on your social media channels. Learn how to set up your account privacy correctly on Kitso to ensure that potential scammers don’t find out your location or details about your family and friends, especially because identity theft can take place online.

3. Connect with the right people
There are plenty of benefits to being online: getting fresh perspectives, gaining access to new information, getting advice for challenges you may be facing, and finding inspiration for work. Make the most of the connections you have by communicating through Facebook Messenger Rooms, Google Meet, Zoom and Teams. Kitso provides a way to understand how each of these platforms differs so you can select the right one for your needs.

4. Avoid spam
Have you ever received an SMS congratulating you for winning money? Or maybe you’ve got an email begging you to “act quickly on a hot deal?”. What’s your immediate reaction to these messages? Knowing how to identify suspicious messages can help you avoid con artists online. On Kitso, you’ll discover how to report suspicious activity on your social media platforms.

Would you like to brush up on the essentials of navigating the internet? Our free Kitso WhatsApp bot is here to help you develop these crucial digital literacy skills. Add it to your WhatsApp by clicking here.

Kitso is our interactive tool on WhatsApp where you can learn about:

  • Digital presence
  • Community standards and reporting
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Online safety
  • How to identify real news and avoid misinformation
  • Privacy
  • Digital tools for the classroom