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digital skills

Using a blended learning approach, we are able to deliver immersive and impactful learning experiences. Our programs equip young Africans with in-demand digital skills and competencies that can help them start and grow careers and businesses in the new digital economy.


DigifyPro is an immersive, award-winning 10-week Digital Marketing bootcamp supported by Facebook. We source high potential/low opportunity youth in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. The program helps unemployed learners become competent digital marketing professionals with practical experience in social media, analytics, search, SEO, content and UX.


400+ Graduates of DigifyPro
90%+ Success rate in job placement
85%+ Retention rate

DigifyPro won the Bookmark Award for best contribution to transformation in South Africa’s digital industry in 2017 and 2019.

Digify GPs

Digify General Practitioners, abbreviated as Digify GPs,  aims to address the lack of access to digital education and skills in rural areas of the Northern Cape, particularly for individuals who hope to launch their own ventures through freelancing or small business. Through this programme, 50 participants will be trained in digital marketing, entrepreneurship and presentation skills over 8 weeks, and also receive a 2-week freelancer training to ensure they are ready to work in the digital economy. 

This programme is currently in research phase so interested applicants and partners are encouraged to fill out the forms below.

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Digify Bytes

Digify Bytes is a new nationwide digital literacy programme that has been commissioned by the British High Commission and aims to benefit youth, women, persons with disabilities, and the elderly across South  Africa.

Through Digify Bytes, South Africans will discover how to use online technology to gain access to information, communicate with ease, and access services and opportunities online.

Ilizwe Lam

We partnered with Meta to run an internet safety skills campaign for high school learners across South Africa called Ilizwe Lam (My Digital World). Through this project, we educate, inform and empower 13 to 18 years olds with the right tools and information to explore the internet and also protect themselves online. Since 2018, we have trained over 10,430 learners and 820 teachers through Ilizwe Lam.

The course teaches students the essential responsibilities that accompany digital citizenship, privacy protection, how to check facts and avoid misinformation, and key actions points for maintaining healthy and safe interactions online. Ilizwe Lam paves the way for these learners to think critically about online content, thus preparing them for adulthood in a world where the internet is an unavoidable part of society.

Kitso WhatsApp Learning Bot, Digify Africa


Our ambition to reach marginalised communities drove us to create a new learning solution that would provide online safety skills to marginalised communities and people who may have limited data. It was only natural that WhatsApp was considered a platform through which we can contact a new audience. In 2020, we transformed our online safety education from Ilizwe Lam into an innovative WhatsApp bot called Kitso (Knowledge) that caters for teachers and parents. This move helped break down the barriers to accessing our training.

Meta Boost

Digify Africa provides free half-day workshops designed to help entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. The practical, hands-on sessions have helped participants to develop a powerful digital footprint for their businesses by using tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram for Business. The programme comprises 9 different modules that cater for entrepreneurs with beginner, intermediate and advanced familiarity with online marketing tools.

Through this programme, entrepreneurs can learn how to amplify their business’s online presence, define their social media audience, integrate WhatsApp into their marketing strategy, create content on their phone, understand the customer journey and launch paid ads. Since 2018, Meta Boost has provided training to over 8,000 entrepreneurs.

Boost Business Shower 2021, Boost with Facebook, Digify Africa


Digify Africa offers entrepreneurs and small business owners a convenient learning platform for digital marketing skills on WhatsApp, called Naledi. This learning bot guides business owners through setting up accounts on Facebook and Instagram, using powerful promotion tools to market, setting up an online shop, and selling products on Facebook Marketplace.


Lesedi helps 18-35 year olds across Africa gain critical digital literacy skills and digital life skills to empower them with access to further training and work opportunities. Over 21,380 students have already registered to study through Lesedi, which is available on WhatsApp, transforming the messaging platform into an innovative mobile learning solution.   

This learning bot guides users through important aspects of online safety, digital citizenship, accessing services online, and using the internet to discover new opportunities for work and business.


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Trainer Network

To accelerate our impact, we don’t only rely on brick and mortar, we also rely on a dynamic, talented and dedicated network of youth trainers across the country and continent who deliver our programmes in their native language in their communities.