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Boost Business Shower 2021

The realities of building a business have changed dramatically over little more than a year. As lockdown levels have fluctuated, floor space and foot traffic were no longer the key drivers of success and profit.

The business world has changed.  Have you adapted? As a small business owner, you now have to find your customers where they are: online. The good news is that customers can get access to your products and services 24/7. But it also means that your offering must stand out in every sense possible. 

Join us on 10 November 2021 in Melville, Johannesburg for a powerful in-person networking session where you can learn from business owners who have been successful in building a community around their brand or business online.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a community online that will support your business when it matters
  • The most effective ways to sell your products and services through social media
  • How to find your ideal customers and drive engagement with your products and services
  • The truth behind building a prosperous business post Covid-19
  • How to build resilience into your business

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