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Building healthy social media habits with Kitso!


We all know how easy it is to get sucked into social media. Whether we’re mindlessly scrolling through our feeds or checking our notifications obsessively, social media is a great way to connect with friends and family, but it can also be a huge time-suck. But what if we could use social media in a more positive way, productive way? That is why we have partnered with Mam’ Connie Chiume for our #AntibullyingWeek2022 Online Safety Drive campaign, to speak about cyberbullying and staying safe online!


What does bullying look like in a digital world?


The digital world has changed the face of bullying. In the past, bullying was primarily physical, involving things like violence,  threats, and name-calling. But in the digital world, bullying can take many different forms. It can be as simple as sending mean or hurtful messages online, or it can be more sophisticated, like creating fake social media accounts to spread rumors or posting embarrassing photos. It can also involve hacking into someone’s computer or phone to steal their personal information or sending them malicious viruses. No matter what form it takes, bullying is always about trying to harm someone else, either emotionally or physically. And in the digital world, it’s easier than ever for bullies to reach their victims. That’s why it’s so essential for everyone to be aware of the signs of digital bullying and to know how to respond if it happens.


How to use social media positively and protect yourself?

Most people use social media without giving it much thought. But if you’re not careful, it’s easy to get caught up in negativity and become the victim of cyberbullying. Here are a few tips to help you use social media positively and protect yourself from cyberbullying:


– Be mindful of what you share. Don’t post anything that could be used to hurt or embarrass you.


– Be aware of who you’re talking to. If you don’t know someone well, be careful about how much personal information you share.


– Don’t engage with bullies. If someone is trying to bully you, the best thing to do is ignore them.


– Report any abusive behavior to the site or platform where it occurred.


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Following these tips can help make using social media a positive experience for yourself and others.


The internet can be dangerous, and social media is no exception. The best way to protect yourself is by taking the time to protect your data and using the app’s security tools to control how and where you share data. You should also take the time to periodically review your social media accounts, change passwords, and review any apps or plugins that have access to your account to maintain long-term security. The internet can be relatively safe so long as you’re mindful of risks and take steps to reduce them.
Let’s fight against cyberbullying; a safer internet is a better world!

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