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Digify Africa and the UK Government working together to empower rural communities with digital literacy skills in South Africa.

Digify Africa is proud to announce a new partnership with the UK Government’s Digital Access Programme to deliver a nationwide digital literacy programme – DigifyBytes. The project, which will be implemented across all 9 provinces in South Africa, will seek to equip youth, women, persons with disabilities, and the elderly with basic digital literacy skills for social and economic development.

Access to digital skills and literacy remains a critical challenge for marginalized communities with many South Africans facing barriers like access to the internet, high data costs, and, most importantly, basic digital literacy. These factors were further exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) 2020 report citing that only 37% of South African households have access to the internet through cell phones or computers which hinders communities from leveraging digital tools for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Digify Africa and the UK Government have joined forces to tackle this challenge through the DigifyBytes project. The one-year programme has a target of 15 000 beneficiaries in rural communities, with the goal of enabling them to utilize digital tools to access information, communicate with ease, and take advantage of services and opportunities online.

We are thrilled to be embarking on a partnership of this magnitude with the UK Government, an organisation invested in bringing real value to communities. We are confident that DigifyBytes will enable participants to engage with digital tools in meaningful ways for professional and economic development “. – Qhakaza Mohare, Chief Operating Officer, Digify Africa

Digital literacy is one of the key barriers for rural communities who wish to participate in the digital economy. I am thrilled that the UK Government can support the DigifyBytes programme, helping to equip rural communities in South Africa with knowledge and skills in digital technology, promoting digital inclusion and supporting inclusive economic growth.” – Antony Phillipson, British High Commissioner to South Africa


About Digify Africa:

Digify Africa has been at the forefront of driving digital skills, since 2011, through programmes like Digify Pro, Ilizwe lam and Boost with Facebook. We have trained over 100 000 people across the continent, and we are excited to be driving a programme of this scope, and believe that it will deliver exceptional results that will allow young and old to truly benefit from the endless opportunities presented by the digital world.

About The UK Government’s Digital Access Programme:

The Digital Access Programme – an initiative of the UK Government – catalyses inclusive, affordable, safe and secure digital access for excluded or underserved populations in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia. The programme uses digital inclusion as a basis for a more thriving digital ecosystem that stimulates innovations for local development challenges, creates local skilled jobs and generates opportunities for business partnerships.