To commemorate 10 years of equipping young people with digital skills, we’re giving you the opportunity to upskill yourself and stand in line to WIN a Digify Africa hamper.

Digify Africa found its roots in 2011 as Live Mag, a nationwide youth‐run media channel that helped springboard young people into full‐time paid employment. The publication trained over 500 young adults to produce content, and then transform into Digify Africa, a training centre which would lead to over 100,000 young people in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria learning digital skills.

The Digify Africa umbrella of courses would kick off with DigifyPRO, an immersive 10-week bootcamp supported by Facebook which trains unemployed youth to become competent digital marketing professionals. Realising that high school learners needed online safety skills, Digify Africa would launch  Ilizwe Lam next. The program, which means “My Digital World”,  would cater for high school learners who needed internet safety skills. Finally, digital skills training would be developed to cater for entrepreneurs in the form of Boost with Facebook, helping small business owners learn online tools to grow their enterprises.

Over the years, the training sessions developed from classrooms and physical locations to encompass webinars, live online training sessions, and the innovation of learning on WhatsApp.

Complete one of our WhatsApp bot courses and you could win!

To celebrate 10 years of equipping people with digital skills, we’re giving you the opportunity join in by upskilling yourself and stand in line to WIN a Digify Africa hamper. To enter, complete one of our WhatsApp bot courses below before 14 September 2021 and you will be in the draw to win a limited edition Digify Africa hamper.

Learn digital marketing with Naledi

Naledi is an exciting interactive e-learning experience, that will show you how to set up your business and reach customers online. 

The helpful resources included are designed to guide you step-by-step through:

  • Setting up a Facebook business page
  • Setting up an Instagram business account for your business
  • Using direct messaging to speak to customers
  • Setting up a shop on Facebook and Instagram
  • Understanding your Audience
  • Promoting your business on Facebook and Instagram
  • Creating ad campaigns
  • Selling your products on Facebook Marketplace
Kitso, Digify Africa's WhatsApp bot for learning internet safety skills

Learn internet safety with Kitso

Kitso is our interactive tool on WhatsApp where you can learn about online safety and digital citizenship. 

This course includes the following topics:

  • Digital presence
  • Community standards and reporting
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Online safety 
  • How to identify real news and avoid misinformation
  • Privacy 
  • Digital tools for the classroom

​Workshop 17, 16 Baker Street, Rosebank. Johannesburg

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