Our premiere award-winning digital marketing bootcamp is now available in an all-new self-paced format! Digify Pro Online is based on our flagship programme for 18 – 35 year olds who want to gain digital marketing skills. This course will help develop the skills that you need if you want to kickstart your career in digital marketing or get set up as a freelancer in the industry.

Digify Pro Online is a pathway in education, employment and empowerment, proving that by learning and improving your digital skills, you can increase your chances of becoming employed or starting your own business or freelance career in Africa. Digify Pro Online will offer selected candidates the opportunity to intern at selected organisations or help them explore the world of entrepreneurship as a freelancer in the creative industry.

Digify Pro Online is self-paced learning. This means you can learn in your own time and schedule. You do, however, need to complete the prescribed material at the indicated period to keep up with the class. You will be given tests, assessments and projects well in advance that you must hand in on the due date.  

Digify Pro Online Benefits

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High Quality Training

Get the same calibre of top notch Digify Pro course content - just on a different platform and in your own time.

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Pace Your Studies

Learn during your free time and complete course assessments when you're ready!

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More Flexibility

Access training content using your preferred device - whether that's a laptop, tablet or cellphone.

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Live Client Briefs

Practice the skills you've gained by completing real client briefs to test your digital marketing prowess.

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Digital Marketing Skills To Set You Apart

Whether you're launching your own freelancing business or hoping to kick off your digital marketing career, Digify Pro Online will set you up to success.

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Placement Assistance

After completing Digify Pro Online successfully, you'll receive assistance with finding clients and work opportunities through our placement programme.

Course Topics

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Discover how digital marketing varies from traditional marketing, and the career opportunities in this field.

Introduction to Social Media

Shift your focus from posting for fun to sharing for brands. Get a first look at how social media analytics work, how to report key metrics and manage an online community.

Digital Strategy

Learn strategy frameworks that you can apply toward content development, creation, platforms and influencers.

Introduction to Content Marketing

Harness the power of online story-telling. Learn how to generate content ideas, amplify your success with SEO and launch email campaigns.

Paid Advertising

How does paid marketing differ from organic content creation? Get the answer in this course, and learn key principles of Facebook and Google Advertising.

Data Led Decision Making

Let's talk numbers! Discover how to use qualitative and quantitative data tools to improve your digital strategies.

Introduction to eCommerce

How can you sell products and services online? Learn how to create an online store and help customers discover your offerings.

Web Design with WordPress

Dip your toe in website creation. Learn how to navigate the WordPress dashboard, and create pages and posts. Understand website SEO and UX/UI design.

Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur

Discover the gig economy, the benefits of digital business, and the skills you'll need to be a digital entrepreneur.

Apply Now

Apply now to be part of Digify Pro Online 2022 Cohort 2.0.

You’re just 3 simple steps away from learning with Digify Pro Online. All of these steps are done on WhatsApp, even through your phone – so there’s no need to stress.

1. A simple registration
2. A 20-question assessment
3. A virtual interview

Ready? Let’s go!

Please note applications for cohort 2.0 are open to South African applicants. 

Use the below link to apply. The link will redirect you to our WhatsApp Bot to complete your application. Applications close on the 28th February 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the link to the Whatsapp, conduct a simple registration, answer 20 assessment questions and lastly conduct your one way interview on

Digify PRO Online is a FREE course.

Anyone who is 18-35 years old and wants to kick start their career within the Digital marketing industry, Freelancers or Entrepreneurs looking to increase their digital footprint

An one-way interview means that you will be recording your video interview answers at your convenience as long as you submit them before the deadline. 

When you are in the interview, you will be presented with the questions one at a time. The entire process is meant to be easy and you will be provided with specific instructions along the way.

The programme starts in March 2023

After all the application process has been conducted, which is definitely before the Digify Pro Online programme rollout

These are the modules you will learn as part of Digify Pro online within 10 weeks:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Media 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Data-led Decision Making
  • Introduction to eCommerce
  • Website design with WordPress (PRACTICAL)
  • Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur


Digify Pro Online will be done on the Digify PRO Online app, which is a cloud-based digital learning platform where learners access their learning material.

Digify Pro Online does give Orientation. In Digify Pro culture, we call it O-Week. Orientation week has been created to prepare and inspire you. The week assists you in having an understanding of what exactly is expected from you, who Digify Africa is, and what the next 10 weeks look like. In conclusion, O-week helps you adjust to the pace and structure of Digify Pro Online.

It is not the right of participants to receive placement, but your performance, work ethic, attitude, and conduct during the programme will be what is measured to determine if you can go into a working space with our stakeholders to perform well and represent Digify Africa as a graduate.