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eNCA: How Ilizwe Lam supports anti-bullying efforts


Digify Africa Chief Operating Officer, Qhakaza Mohare, speaks with eNCA about the importance of online safety and the skills taught through Ilizwe Lam. We also reflect on the importance of using social media to advocate for anti-bullying in light of news headlines about Lufuno Mavhunga.

“With digital transformation entering our education system, we understand that the mobile phone is a really powerful tool for education,” says Qhakaza. “We teach learners the skills needed to be able to take advantage of those opportunities. But as the use of cellphones is being introduced into schools, we also need to address the dangers that exist in order for us to make sure that young people are using these tools safely.” Watch the video to find out how Digify Africa is helping to balance the power of new technologies with the need to protect young learners.