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Find your Lesedi study partner

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Sometimes, it can feel isolating to study alone. That’s where a study buddy can come in handy to keep you motivated as you achieve your study goals. You may ask yourself, what is the best way to go about finding an online study partner? Well, the easiest way to find an online partner is to motivate one or more of your friends to join you in signing up for a learning program. This way, you will also be able to help each other by showing encouragement, motivating each other, and challenging each other to succeed.  And if you can’t find a friend to join you as a study partner, you’ll be happy to know that our online community group has amazing individuals you can trust and choose from :).

Why You Need A Study Partner

A look into how a study partner can be beneficial and help you:

  • Learning new study techniques 
  • Improving productivity
  • Keeping you motivated and accountable
  • Adding a social element to your learning experience

Join our Digify Africa WhatsApp Bot Study Group

We have created such a strong community online through our Facebook Group and we love seeing the interaction between our students. Not only will you find that we share study and career tips and loads of other online learning resources there, but also that our platform is the ideal place for you to scout for study partners. Don’t just take our word for it, join our Digify Africa WhatsApp Bot Study Groups today and experience an online community of avid learners for yourself!

About Lesedi

Packed with interactive quizzes, engaging graphics, and audio content, Lesedi students are captivated throughout their journey, as they learn:

  1. How to Become A Digital Citizen
  2. Your Digital Toolkit
  3. Online Safety
  4. How To Make Decisions Online
  5. Create Opportunities Online
  6. Access Services Online
  7. Access Work/Learning Opportunities
  8. Laws That Protect
  9. Tools for the Future of Work
  10. Job Readiness

How can you start learning essential digital life skills? Just say hi to Lesedi, our free WhatsApp bot that will aid you with valuable skills for your future!