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How To Incorporate Technology into the Classroom

How often do you hear about the negative effects of excessive screen time and the dangers of social media? We don’t always hear about the positive ways technology makes a difference in our lives, especially when it comes to learning.  

Technology in the classroom continues to level the playing field by allowing students to learn to their full potential in a way that suits their unique abilities. Even those with a slower grasp of certain concepts are benefiting from this new wave concept in the education sector.

From the creation and use of smartphones to tablets, we have seen how technology has changed how students learn and teachers teach. Whether it’s in classrooms or labs, we have seen how technology has made learning more engaging and interactive, thanks to various innovations that are being introduced in the education sector. 

Technology changes by the minute, and preparing students for this ever-changing world is very important. In keeping with this, significant investments have been made to improve education, and now many schools can access digital resources to support the educational process. Technology’s impact on today’s educational system has been quite significant, and it has completely changed how teachers teach, and students learn.

What are the most creative ways technology enhances education and makes the learning process more engaging? 

  1. Technology offers an easy and fun way to engage students in the learning process, through tools such as interactive whiteboards. Students can watch instructional videos or short movies, and teachers can make the most interactive elements available through images, animations, and games.

Digital games can communicate new material, make learning more fun, and make it easier for students with a disability or special needs to participate. By tapping into students’ competitiveness, they can also encourage students to work harder than they otherwise might.


 2. Virtual tools can spark creativity and imagination for students by giving them the ability to experiment with different ideas without having any limits, such as materials, time, or any other barriers. Set up a Google Cardboard which allows students to experience VR in a fun, simple, affordable way. It’s a cardboard box in which the user only needs to insert a smartphone into the viewer to play immersive virtual reality games and let students explore the idea of what it would be like to fly or drive. 

Most math, science, and engineering concepts are not easy to understand without visual aids. Virtual models and simulations help teachers explain complex ideas. This mainly works well if the students are those who learn best by tactile or visual methods.


3. Google created a Classroom management resource – a tool that allows teachers to create classes, distribute and mark assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. It has been designed to be engaging and offer options for students of all levels. 

Students can continue learning their material if a teacher is absent or if their school has days off for weather events. Online editing collaboration tools for online learning, such as Google Docs, allow two or more students to work on their own pieces simultaneously, creating an engaging atmosphere for discussion and feedback. 


Technology is an amazing educational resource that will help teachers and students realize their true potential. The promise of educational technology lies in what educators do with it and how it is used to best support their students’ needs. This is why we have transformed our online safety education from Ilizwe Lam into an innovative WhatsApp learning bot called Kitso (Knowledge) that caters to teachers and parents. 

Kitso supports your learning plan by empowering parents and teachers with the skills they need to teach their students how to spot fake news on WhatsApp, stay safe online, and so much more.

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