Akhona Kom

Social Media Manager, Campaign Manager, Content Strategist

Akhona “Dreadlock Princess” Kom (born 11 July 1993) is a South African model, dreadlock enthusiasts, influencer and entrepreneur. I completed my Bcom Business Informatics degree with UNISA in 2018. I’m also a COSY Graduate, which is an entrepreneurship Programme by The British Council. I was selected to attend Impact Africa social entrepreneurship summit in Kenya, 2019, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya through the COSY Programme. In 2020 I completed a certificate with The British council for Active citizen facilitators development workshop. 

I am a woman who believes wholeheartedly in supporting other people and making a social impact in my community. I’ve learnt that providing quality over quantity is what will change the game for your business. To always think value when producing content, creating products and providing services. In 2020 I started a business called Dreadlockprincess Africa where I sell a natural hair growth solution and clothing/apparel called #LocNation using the Facebook business platforms to celebrate the beauty of dreadlocks, the people who rock them, the journey, the lifestyle and the culture.

I am very ambitious, persistent and creative, I’m passionate about harnessing self-care & healing, connecting with like minded people. I am Queen of affirmations and manifestation, I believe you have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. My intention is to gain certainty of purpose, openness to love, and abundance of energy.