Dineo Bambo

Account manager, UX Design Researcher, Social Media Customer Service Manager

I am Dineo Bambo, 28 years old, currently located in Soweto. Having achieved many goals in my career, I am interested in expanding my professional horizon by seeking new challenges in the digital marketing space which is my passion. I am interested in gaining knowledge and experience in that space, to arm and equip myself as an expert.

I am currently finishing off two modules in RPL-Marketing management and planning to further my studies in digital marketing once done with my RPL. As a team member of your Digify Africa bootcamp, I can provide efficiency , reliability, maturity, honesty and the ability to look at challenges as opportunities.

I see myself as an extremely well presented, result orientated individual, with well-developed interaction skills. My strengths include career orientation, commitment, initiative, decision making, attention to details, creativity, time management, persistence, goal orientation, working well under pressure, accuracy, listening skills, teamwork, meeting deadlines, interaction with people at all levels, creativity and personal ethics. My ideal environment is a professional one where I can enjoy ongoing growth and career development opportunities in an atmosphere of teamwork.