Gesare Okemwa
Digital Marketing

I am a self-driven professional with working experience in project management, advocacy, healthcare, tech-innovation, research and marketing in various environments both locally and internationally. I am currently working for the Danish Youth Council (DUF) as a global youth leader and project manager in one of its projects called RESPEKT(Reproduction and Sexual Health Education Program for Kenyan Teenagers). My role here is overseeing the day to day running of the project, accounting for its financials, establishing partnerships with stakeholders in the health and education sector, and increasing the number of marginalized and underprivileged Kenyan youths receiving Sexual and reproductive health (SRH). 

I have so far overseen a 2-year research study whose report was presented at a conference in August 2021 in Eldoret. In addition, I was recently the Clinical Innovation Associate for Ponea Health, a Dutch-based health-tech company that is revolutionising healthcare accessibility in Kenya. I managed the clinical department where I succeeded in implementing 8 additional business verticals, innovating new clinical packages, testing tech wireframes and increasing quality assurance and turnover of clinical data and hence overall performance and output of the department.

I aim to attain an engaging internship position in the field of digital marketing. I hope to use the experience gained to champion for better healthcare services for citizens and conducive working conditions for healthcare providers.