Khanyiswa Masangwana

Founder and Director of Reatlegile Charity, Youth Development Centre. Who has studied Business Administration, in 2014. Then later completed her Entrepreneurial Development at University of Johannesburg Business School under Raymond Ackerman Academy. In 2019. 

Khanyiswa Masangwana (26) reflects a unique personality including ambition,well determined and self motivated. She’s a woman with a vision for the upliftment of South African children and currently working towards transforming the approach of youth development in a unique and
profound manner. 

“My emphasis has always been placed on the development of a multi-faceted and sustainable model with the idea of allowing children/youth to be creative, innovators of their own destiny and to allow a free flow of opportunities” she says. She has participated in numerous community upliftment projects and intends to add more value back to her community. “My love for learning and succeeding motivated me to become an outstanding and successful woman in today’s society”, she adds.