Loatile Manyedi
Content Curator, Social Media Manager, Art Director

Loatile Manyedi (Born in December 09, 1991) is a South African record producer, audio engineer, artist and entrepreneur. Born in a small town called Mahikeng located in the North West province and raised in Alberton (Johannesburg). For his education, Loatile took Sound Engineering at City Varsity in Newtown (Johannesburg), where he earned a Diploma in Sound Engineering in March 2014.

He seeks to create unique content that explores beyond the horizons of a field saturated with unoriginality and repetitivity, and it is his mission to explore the depths of entrepreneurship and share ideas he discovers along the way, to implement them in business projects and campaigns. Loatile has 6 years of experience under his belt, and with over 10 years of being a record producer, Loatile has developed a great sense of dynamism in his sound.

This entails a distinct ability to mix a diverse range of tracks that are tactfully selected to suit any given moment or event. Since 2015, Loatile has served as an Audio engineer/Record producer for some of the most thriving solopreneurs and companies from various industries. He enjoys working and collabroate with different businesses to elevate his media company, Gold life Media to different heights in the industry.