Palesa Mosonye

Content Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Creative Director

My name is Palesa Isabella Mosenye, most people refer to me as Bella, I’m 22 years old and I’m the youngest of 4 girls Growing up my parents encouraged me to follow any path in skill development my heart desired, I was taken to ballet, singing lessons, piano lessons, hockey practice etc. all my life but a self taught skill I developed from a very young age was how to edit my own videos, I’d dedicate my weekends to filming any content that came to mind and edit it any way I felt suitable, over time it lead to discovering YouTube, took a lot of years to build up the courage to post content online but I did through character growth. 

School wise my parents have always encouraged and raved about the importance of a good education and its benefits, those values have been instilled in me and understand how important it is to get a head in my qualifications, my goal is to score an MBA.