Tumelo Modedwa Mako
Community Manager, Brand Manager, Corporate Communications Consultant

My name is Tumelo Modedwa Mako I am a BA in Strategic Communications in Corporate
Communications graduate from the University of Johannesburg. I am a strategic and enthusiastic learner and identify areas where performance improvement is needed with my theoretical analysis ability toward prosperity. I am always looking for growth. Being focused, self-disciplined, and person of integrity, are part of my character. I am a reliable person who has a professional, calm, and honest approach to all work-related matters. Strategically minded with good problem-solving techniques and skills I consider myself to be a strong communicator, presenter, and a good listener as well.

I am career orientated and a strategic thinking individual, interested in environmental and organisational sustainability as well as changing lives of communities through brands. I am currently working for Shomang Brokers, insurance brokerage as a communications and digital marketing consultant.