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Jozi FM: Low on data? That doesn’t need to limit your learning.

Our project manager Omphile Kgwathe chats with Jozi FM about the journey of transforming a digital marketing curriculum for WhatsApp. “Not everyone has access to a computer, and studying online can be data-intensive, so we developed a new solution that would still be engaging,” says Kgwathe. “We approached the product in such a way that anyone in Africa can help grow their salon in Thembisa or their tuckshop in Garankuwa. We still wanted it to be interactive, so we incorporated infographics and voice notes in the content.”

Kgwathe highlights how our WhatsApp learning bot, Naledi, is designed to reflect a human conversation while guiding you through each topic. You can learn how to amplify your business using Instagram, connect with your customers online, and how to sell your products on Facebook. Add Naledi onto your WhatsApp here.