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Jozi FM: Talking about Kitso, our WhatsApp bot to teach digital literacy skills

Project Manager Omphile Kgwathe talks about the projects that Digify Africa runs before providing a deep dive into Kitso, our innovative WhatsApp bot that is designed to teach digital literacy skills. “Through Kitso, we take learning content and put it on a WhatsApp bot, so we’re all about making sure that young people are equipped to go into the digital world, and take it as a career or help them grow their business,” says Omphile.

“The content that we have put on Kitso is to keep people safe on the internet. We worked with Facebook on sharing knowledge on how to make sure that you have the correct password, or how to handle cyberbullying, and how to become a digital citizen,” says Omphile. Listen to the interview for a thorough understanding of Kitso and the value it provides to our communities.