Gain digital skills to
market your business online

Through the Meta Boost programme, Digify Africa provides free half-day workshops designed to help you take your businesses to the next level. The practical, hands-on sessions will help you develop a powerful digital footprint for your businesses by using tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram for Business. The programme comprises 9 different modules that cater for entrepreneurs with beginner, intermediate and advanced familiarity with online marketing tools.

Through this programme, you can learn how to amplify your business’s online presence, define your social media audience, integrate WhatsApp into your marketing strategy, create content on your phone, understand the customer journey and launch paid ads. Since 2018, Meta Boost has provided training to over 8,000 entrepreneurs.

Meta Boost will help you learn about the following topics:

Training Topics

WhatsApp for Business

Learn how you can bring your business online and communicate with customers on WhatsApp.

Establish your presence on Facebook and Instagram

Learn how to share updates about your business and communicate with your customers directly. Start by creating a Page on Facebook and setting up an Instagram business account.

Raise awareness of your business

When you share content showcasing your offerings, you can raise awareness of your business. Learn how posts, stories and live videos on Facebook and Instagram can help.

Creatively engage your audience with Instagram

In this training session you will learn how to craft more creatively engaging content that will help your business stand out on Instagram

Reach your audience with personalised ads

Learn how you can determine who is most likely to be interested in your business, and how selecting the right audience, placement, budget and schedule can make your ad spend more efficient.

Get creative with ads

From selecting appealing visuals, writing engaging ad text and choosing call-to- action buttons, learn creative strategies to build your ad.

Getting creative

The Getting Creative presentation provides creative inspiration and guidance to small businesses on using Facebook and Instagram. This part focuses on business branding, thinking about customers, copy and creative when creating a post, and deciding what to post.

Ad captions and calls to action

Discover how to drive your audience to take action and help your business thrive. Learn how to use ad copy to tell a story, encourage your audience to get a quote, find out more about your offering or make a purchase.

Get started with Meta Business Suite

Learn how Meta’s business suite can help you simply access and manage the tools you need to succeed across Facebook and Instagram.