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New course material available on Lesedi today

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Due to lack of internet access and underdeveloped infrastructure for information and communications technology, many people in Africa struggle to make the most of the opportunities afforded by the internet. Young people urgently need digital skills for employability, but many lack access to a PC or data to connect with opportunities.

This is where Digify Africa’s digital life skills WhatsApp chatbot, Lesedi, steps in as the ultimate low-data, on-the-go solution!

“Our aim is to make our Digify Africa learning programmes as accessible as possible. From a technology perspective, when we talk about trying to reach young people on the African continent, WhatsApp is the obvious choice,” says Digify Africa CEO Gavin Weale. “We had to create a way to deliver learning in this chat environment, and that is how Lesedi came about.” 

Lesedi has exploded since its recent launch with over 1 million messages being sent on WhatsApp in under a month, and over 24,000 registered learners consuming over 109,000 topics of content. And this is just the beginning.

To date, Lesedi has helped over 10,000 students across Africa to gain critical digital life skills & access to further training and work opportunities and government services. From basic digital skills to thinking critically about their digital footprint, Lesedi’s students emerge with the tools they need to not only change their own lives, but the lives within the communities they serve – and all  through the chance-making, game-changing power of digital, mobile connection.

Packed with interactive quizzes, visually enticing graphics, and audio content, Lesedi students are engaged throughout their journey, as they learn how to:

  1. Become A Digital Citizen
  2. Your Digital Toolkit
  3. Online Safety
  4. How To Make Decisions Online
  5. Create Opportunities Online

Plus, the all-new modules below broaden the scope for Lesedi learners, incorporating essential digital life skills. These are:

6. Accessing Services Online

7. Accessing Work/Learning Opportunities

8. Laws That Protect Us

9. Tools for the Future of Work

10. Job Readiness

How can you start learning essential digital life skills? Just say hi to Lesedi, our free WhatsApp bot that will aid you with valuable skills for your future!