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Platforms to help digital creatives monetize their content

Ever since the explosion of digital content creation globally, young people all over the world have been using the digital economy to upskill, showcase their talents and run businesses online, what industry pundits call e-commerce. This alternative form of work (a.k.a the gig economy) has accelerated many digital careers and has empowered many young people especially in Africa, the continent where many countries are crippled by high levels of unemployment. – Written by Aphiwe Mame.

The growth of the gig economy, specifically in the digital space, has paved the way for digital platforms to start investing in content creators by creating functions that assist creators to monetize their craft, a beneficial tool that has allowed creators to generate multiple streams of income using different platforms. Here is what the Digify Africa community had to say about the benefits of the gig economy.

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Let’s dive into some of the platforms that are currently helping digital creators monetize their work.

1. YouTube

When we talk about monetizing online, the first platform that usually comes to mind is YouTube. YouTube has been a career launchpad for many digital creatives. As part of the YouTube Partner Program (which basically allows your channel to earn money), you’re eligible to tap into multiple revenue streams, as long as you meet the criteria and they’re available in your country. To learn more about monetizing tune into the episode below of the Digify Africa Unplugged Conversations podcast where we chat to Digital Creator, Sipho Michundu, about how to monetize your YouTube channel.

2. Twitter Monetization: Ticketed Spaces 
Ticketed Spaces is a feature on the platform that allows creatives to make money from the Spaces they host. The experience and discussion that producers deliver in Twitter Spaces may be purchased by audiences. Please visit the Ticketed Spaces policy for the most up-to-date eligibility conditions.

3. IGTV Monetization
IGTV monetization allows Instagram content producers to earn money by running brief advertisements alongside their IGTV video. To take advantage of this offer, similar to YouTube creatives must agree to follow the Partner Program Monetization Policies. Discover how you can become eligible here.

4. Facebook Monetization 

Facebook offers creatives different ways of monetizing their content: 

These new monetizing tools have had a positive impact on the growth and expansion of the digital economy, while also helping digital creatives tap into a new economical way of generating content. The digital space is the greatest equalizer of opportunity ever devised, yet it only rewards the best. While these monetizing tools continue to grow, emerging digital creators need to be on top of their game for these income streams to work effectively.

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