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Radio 2000: How can we turn WhatsApp into a powerful learning platform?

Our Chief Operating Officer Qhakaza Mohare joins TechTuesday with Radio 2000 to discuss our new WhatsApp learning bot, Naledi, that allows users to learn digital skills on the go, at their own pace, and from the comfort of their own mobile phone. “Whether you’re in a taxi going home, whether you’re on break between lectures, whether you’re sitting waiting for someone… If you’ve got five minutes, then you’ve got five minutes to learn something new,” says Mohare.

“It’s been an exciting process because the question was how do we interpret the current curriculum that is given in the classroom to something on your phone,” says Mohare. “If you’re looking to understand how Facebook and Instagram can be used as powerful marketing tools, then Naledi is definitely the tool for you. It offers you an easy step-by-step process of how to create your Facebook shop so you can understand the marketing power of social media.” Mohare also shares how you add Naledi onto your WhatsApp.