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Did you know that 87% of young people in Africa are in “learning poverty”? As the world moves faster towards virtual learning, many learners lack access to a personal computer or data to connect with opportunities. Online learning apps and web-based learning solutions can be prohibitively expensive to download and use, so we created a WhatsApp bot product that delivers interactive micro learning to low-income users in Africa.

We’re on a mission to revolutionise e-learning in the developing world with a WhatsApp-driven learning product that can engage and educate millions. Our award-winning learning bot technology currently runs the world’s best WhatsApp learning bots, and our chatbots have achieved incredible user engagement and impact, with scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Discover the DigiBot

Features and Functionality


Buttons, menus, keywords, push notifications & more. Each bot has their own personality, using stickers and emojis to bring it to the fore.

DigiBot Features Digify Africa WhatsApp learning bot


For low-data users, with a focus on text, audio notes, images, and infographics, along with quizzes.


Learners can earn badges and track their progress against others on leaderboards as they earn their certificate of completion. 

Digibot Features Digify Africa WhatsApp learning bot Analytics


Event tracking to show learner progress in detail and at scale on live dashboards.

What Does The DigiBot Provide?

The DigiBot is a full Learning Management System (LMS) product to get your customers learning on WhatsApp.

Line creation

Getting your WhatsApp line created and verified, as well as connecting your business to the WhatsApp API

Bot builder

Creating the skeleton of your learning bot


Loading your content and quizzes onto our CMS, and setting up user profiles and registrations


Setting up leaderboards, badges and interactive elements.


Finalising processing for messages to and from your customers, as well as push messaging.

How We Develop Your DigiBot

Project Management


We develop the look and feel of your bot, including the personality and look & feel.

Learning Design

We create WhatsApp micro-courses for you based on the needs of your target audience. 

Course Conversion

We take your existing curriculum and convert it into micro-courses with audio, text and graphics.

Technology Development

We create your bot skeleton, set up your line, and load content onto the LMS.


We train your team on using the DigiBot.

Marketing & PR

We help you bring your target market to your DigiBot.

Community Management

We encourage engagement on your learning bot.

Dashboard, Reporting, Testing & Analytics

Why Work With Us



Impact Potential

Homegrown Innovation

Over ten years’ experience in sustainable social impact in Africa.

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest tech companies and funders, including Meta, Google, and the British High Commission.

Partnering in a huge potential marketing of chatbot-driven learning across Africa.

Impacting 1.7 million engaged learners over 2 years and 12 million over 5 years across the continent.

Owned by a majority black women team & developed by highly experienced professionals united by a passion for revolutionising education and reducing the digital divide.

The Big Numbers

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Work with Us

Let’s partner to help revolutionise learning in Africa and create a significant economic impact across the continent!