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Soft skills to help you ace your next interview!

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A job interview is probably one of the most exciting but stressful experiences a person can have. You will likely experience all kinds of emotions like fear and anxiety. In some cases, the stress, fear, and anxiety can drop your confidence, ultimately affecting how you perform in your interview.  But don’t you worry, hold tight because we’re here to hold your hand and guide you to get you ready for your dream job!

Getting Work Ready

When you’re becoming job-ready, you should recognize that it is a journey, and you don’t need to be in the same boat as anyone else. You need to take stock of where you are personally and then develop and grow. To be work-ready, you need to be positive and be willing to work. 

It helps to gain qualifications or have evidence of learning like our Kitso and Lesedi digital skills certificates. Most employers are drawn to people who continue to build their skills by actively seeking to gain new knowledge. Not only do you want to find a fantastic and steady job, but you also want to maintain it and then be able to move into a new opportunity when that time comes quickly.

What Are Soft Skills – And Why Are They Important?

Soft skills are your traits, characteristics, and interpersonal skills that show how you present yourself and get along with others. And how do soft skills help you in the interview process? Well, they allow you the opportunity to show how you shine with tangible examples, which is essential to help interviewers understand how your skills will make you the best fit for the job.

 If you feel that your soft skills need a little polishing, one way to practice is to write down all of the different skills you plan to talk about and try to give three examples of situations you have been in or goals you have accomplished that best exemplify these attributes. The good news is that soft skills can be improved and developed. So, take your time and remember practice makes perfect!

Explore how these essential soft skills can add value to companies so you can highlight them in your next interview.

  1. Communication: Clear communication is a valuable soft skill because it forms the basis of productive collaboration. It also shows team members that you are confident and efficient. 
  2. Enthusiasm: Employers know that people who show genuine enthusiasm for their careers tend to be better employees. You usually see this in the quality of their work.
  3. Leadership: Think of a time when you stepped up to the plate or took the initiative. Strong leaders can adapt and come out on top during difficult situations, so highlighting this soft skill can give interviewers an idea of how you will perform when faced with obstacles.
  4. Problem-solving: Being able to explain how you’ve learned from and overcome challenges can be a massive bonus in the eyes of an interviewer.

No matter where you are in the job-seeking process, remember to focus your efforts on building your skills, staying curious about the world you live in, and ensuring your CV is up to date and work-ready.

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