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The Morning Show on eTV: Overcoming the digital divide with Digify Africa

Digify Africa is a youth-led non-profit organisation that focuses on upskilling young people, not just in South Africa, but also in Kenya and Nigeria. We specialise in teaching learners introductory literacy skills, and giving young adults beginner and intermediate digital marketing skills. Digify Africa’s Partnerships Coordinator, Mimi Mashinini, appeared on eTV’s Morning Show to provide a broad overview of the organisation’s work.

“The world of work is becoming digital, so it’s very important for our youth to gain these skills in order to survive in the future economy,” says Mimi Mashinini. “When we run our programmes, we recruit from the most underprivileged and remote areas. This comes with several barriers, but we work with our partners to share these skills to as wide a range of people as possible.”