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Tools to help teachers get learners up to speed

When the Covid-19 pandemic arose, schools around the world were forced to close, resulting in teachers losing valuable time with their students. While schools have reopened, learners may need additional support to keep up with the curriculum. Teachers will find these online tools helpful in getting learners to review, practice and master concepts for Maths, Science, Biology, Digital Literacy and more. – Written by Kele Scheppers.


Did you know that you can also use WhatsApp for studying? That’s right, the messaging platform that’s on your cellphone can be used to help you grasp internet safety skills to share with students easily. Kitso uses minimal data, and classes include how to identify cyberbullying, protect your privacy and identify misinformation – essential information if your learners spend time online. Click here to add Kitso to your WhatsApp.


This handy app helps learners to understand and master mathematics, from basic arithmetic to geometry and advanced calculus. Learners can scan a math problem on their phone and learn how to solve it, and the app even provides animation which demonstrates each step of the calculation. PhotoMath allows for self-paced learning to help students understand a new concept and then practice until they master it. Learn more about PhotoMath here.


A support tool for teachers whose learners range from Grade 4 to Grade 12, Edukite is mapped to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement. Sciences, Business Studies, Accounting, Geography and Social Sciences are just a few of the subjects covered in the app, which uses videos to support learning. Previous exam papers are also offered on Edukite with step-by-step solution videos to help learners practice and prepare for exams. Discover more about Edukite here.


Spelling is a foundational skill that affects learners’ success across subjects. SpellQuiz places this skill front and centre with a multi-pronged approach to learning. The interactive website is easy to use with spelling classes organised according to the learner’s grade in school. In each lesson, learners listen to an audio clip, then type out the sentence from the audio clip and receive a score and progress update. Visit to get started.


The magic of Quizizz is gamification. The sheer range of quizzes available for teachers to adapt and share with their classes makes it a versatile tool. The Math, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Computer Science and Career Education quizzes are just a click away. Teachers can even create their own quiz and send it to students who use a code to complete the quiz, so learners don’t need to create an account.  Click here to start using Quizizz.

It’s our hope that some of these free online tools for teachers help to make your classrooms more engaging and your learning experiences more effective.